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Italian language


Have you also been attracted – not once or twice – by the language spoken on the boot-shaped peninsula?Are you also fascinated for good by its tunefulness and southern melodiousness?And how many times have you dreamt to know and practice it, having a walk around Rome or seeing Venice; to be capable of communicating with people there seamlessly and without using a phrase-book or to comply with the guide all the time; to be able to enjoy your idle time in this enchanting country without feeling the limitations of the annoying conditionalities?
School “BEL” gives you the following training options in your favourite language:
– group training – it is carried out in undersized groups; registrations for training and new groups are performed monthly;
– individual training – it is carried out in time considered to be convenient for both sides; it follows a methodology aimed at student’s personal needs;
– semi-individual training – two or three people in a group.


Group training:

*The time for carrying out the training sessions could be arranged on weekdays and/or on holidays and weekends as well. The training for adults and company employees could start after 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. – the schedule is prepared in a way that satisfies all parties.

Semi-individual training (two people): 10.00 BGN per lesson

*For a package of 40 lessons: 9.00 BGN per lesson

*For a package of 50 lessons: 8.00 BGN per lesson

Semi-individual training (three people): 8.00 BGN per lesson

*For a package of 40 lessons: 7.00 BGN per lesson

*For a package of 50 lessons: 6.00 BGN per lesson

Individual training: 16.00 BGN per lesson

*For a package of 40 lessons; 14.00 BGN per lesson

*For a package of 50 lessons; 13.00 BGN per lesson


On-line practicum (e-learning)

Using this service, our students would obtain the opportunity to study wherever or whenever they are, at any time convenient! The materials are available 24/7.

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Bonuses and sales promotions

As an impetus to our upcoming work – another manifestation of the innovative policy of the BEL School – we have identified the following bonus package for the students with the highest scores in current assessments …

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