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Spanish language

Is the Spanish language necessary?
Of course!
Because one third of the global population communicate through this language!
Because it is not difficult to learn!
Because, studying it, we get the opportunity to touch the original Spanish-speaking culture!
School “BEL” offers you a variety of courses at competitive prices to challenge you to start your Spanish training with us. It is held in small groups, a pleasant atmosphere and a friendly context, whereas, simultaneously it is guided by highly qualified and experienced philologists, working with proficiency and dedication.
The offices of school “BEL” are located in the central part of the city, which makes your travel easy and fast.


Group training:

*The time for carrying out the training sessions could be arranged on weekdays and/or on holidays and weekends as well. The training for adults and company employees could start after 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. – the schedule is prepared in a way that satisfies all parties.

Semi-individual training (two people): 10.00 BGN per lesson

*For a package of 40 lessons: 9.00 BGN per lesson

*For a package of 50 lessons: 8.00 BGN per lesson

Semi-individual training (three people): 8.00 BGN per lesson

*For a package of 40 lessons: 7.00 BGN per lesson

*For a package of 50 lessons: 6.00 BGN per lesson

Individual training: 16.00 BGN per lesson

*For a package of 40 lessons; 14.00 BGN per lesson

*For a package of 50 lessons; 13.00 BGN per lesson


On-line practicum (e-learning)

Using this service, our students would obtain the opportunity to study wherever or whenever they are, at any time convenient! The materials are available 24/7.

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phone number: +359888 654 208
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Bonuses and sales promotions

As an impetus to our upcoming work – another manifestation of the innovative policy of the BEL School – we have identified the following bonus package for the students with the highest scores in current assessments …

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